New Workout Weight Influx - Forget Fad Fitness

New Workout Weight Influx - Forget Fad Fitness

You Don''t Need to be Popular to be Fit

Today I did not handle my weigh-in well. Although weight increase after starting a new routine is normal, and there are many other reasons why I could be seeing increasing numbers of the scale, I let it bother me more than I should have.

Also sorry to Big Bear who had to hear about it. <3

Right now I’m trying to relax, not be so hard on myself and focus on eating well. What’s funny is two days in a row people at work have mentioned to me that I look skinny. Today the compliment was specifically referring to the shoulder and upper chest area. I noticed it too, but I am concerned about gaining in the torso — and upper legs. The upper legs only because my pants have felt right in one spot.

Here’s to hoping I’m gaining tons of muscle at boxing.

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Growing up I had a weight problem. I was one those kids that was contributing to the “childhood obesity epidemic.” After choosing to make a change, I made significant progress in high school and lost over 50lbs. It hasn’t been without bumps in the road over the past ten plus years, but I’ve been dedicated to living a healthier life ever since and now I want to help others too.

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