Heartbeat Individual Health Plan from Max Bupa

Heartbeat Individual Health Plan from Max Bupa

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Max Bupa one of the new and latest entrant in the health insurance scene in India has been launching some impressive and good mediclaim plans for individuals as well as family. And one among such plans is this Heartbeat Individual Health Plan. This is nothing but the regular individual health insurance plan but with Max Bupa touch, i.e., with extra features and benefits as well.

Plans Available

There are three types of plans available namely Silver, Gold and Platinum. Apart from the varied sum assured for these various plans you can even get additional benefits and features depending upon the plan that you choose from. The sum assured for the Silver plan are Rs. 2 lacs and Rs. 3 lacs. For the gold plan, the sum assured ranges from Rs. 5 lakhs, Rs. 7.5 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs. Finally for the Platinum plan the sum assured are Rs. 15 lakhs, Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs.

Benefits of Heartbeat Individual Health Plan

  • Covers major day care procedures
  • No TPA involved, all direct claim settlements
  • Cashless facility at network hospitals
  • No restriction of age for coverage with assured renewals
  • Exclusive Relationship managers for better service
  • Health relationship program for regular renewal of policy
  • Pre and post hospitalization medical expenses covered

Among the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans there are certain restrictions and add-on benefits applicable. Maternity (pregnancy) and child care benefits are all covered in all the three policies. Even the child deliveries and newborn baby cover is included in this Heart Beat Individual Health Insurance plan.

Individual Platinum Policy Benefits

With the Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Individual Health Plan you get the following unique and best benefits on the Platinum Policy:

  • All the benefits included in silver and gold policies are covered
  • Vaccinations for the new born are covered
  • Annual health checkups
  • Individual relationship manager
  • Outpatient benefits are covered for up to Rs. 20,000
  • Cumulative benefits on renewal of policy
  • Domiciliary treatment covered up to Rs. 20,000
  • Private or Special room charges during inpatient hospitalization


As an example, the premium you need to pay for the Rs. 3 lakh policy (Silver Plan) is Rs. 4197 including all taxes for a 30 year old male. Similarly for a 50 lakh Platinum plan the premium that you will need to pay is Rs. 46,917 annually. For 10 lakhs it would be Rs. 9670 per annum.

You can buy this individual mediclaim policy online at the Max Bupa website just going through all the formalities including calculation of premium, proposal details, payment, etc.

Do all check out the Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First if you are looking for a family mediclaim policy.